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A 2D horror hack&slash

This is a 20 minute long game created as a school project. You play as a person stuck deep in a dungeon, your Ghoal is to escape. On your way out, you will encounter tons of Ghouls. Sometimes it isn't in your best interest to try to fight them. Have fun playing!

Movement - WASD
Sprint -  Left Shift
Attack - Left Mouse Button

Good to know:

  • Best experienced with heaphones.
  • Press ALT+ENTER for fullscreen (the resolution is locked to 1600x900 though).
  • There is no pause or return-to-menu button.
  • The game autosaves everytime you enter a room.
  • Restarting because your HP is low is a valid tactic ;)
  • If you accidentally start a new game, restart client before leaving the first room to avoid overwriting your save.
  • The save file is located in:(C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\TorP\Ghoulasch) as "state.data", remove this file if the game is corrupted.
  • There are tons of little bugs, but hopefully all gamebreaking ones are fixed.

Game by: Tor Palmqvist
Game Engine: Unity 2019.2.6f1
Weapon sprites by: Neoriceisgood on DeviantArt (https://www.deviantart.com/neoriceisgood)
Player character by: Nora Palmqvist
Game trailer with help from: Gusten

Install instructions

Open "Ghoulasch_Final.7z" and extract folder "build".
Open folder "build" and run Ghoulasch.exe


Ghoulasch_Final.7z 16 MB

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